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Revive Your Skin After Breakouts (vegan-style)

For most people, our skin journey is not a straight line. Some days, we take a look in the mirror as we wash our face in the morning and can see we are having a good skin day. Our blemishes are calm, our levels of moisture are on point and we just have that all round flourish to our complexion. Then other days, our skin is angry at us, and in turn we are angry at it. Picking and popping, covering it up with concealer, icing, over using products and just all round stress.

So after that whirlwind of a week where our skin is not playing ball, how do we revive our skin after these breakouts. What is happening with your skin has generally been proven to be a direct link to what is happening inside the body. Apart from dirt build up, face touching, your environment like polluted cities or incorrect skin regime, breakouts can mostly be caused by diet and hormone imbalance. So what better way to revive the skins natural glow, bring some life back, not to mention bring back that confidence than starting from the inside.

Here are some simple nutritional tips as well a product check in that work faster than you think.


Take your focus back to your GUT. Start a round a probiotics, whether it be in pill form, bought from any major supermarket, vegan and even pre natal. You can bring in gut healthy foods like sourdough and almonds; cook with garlic, ginger and olive oil or drizzle over your salad; welcome the brussel sprout more regularly (not just a festive vegetable). Grab a kombucha from your local independent health store, as well sauerkraut, miso and kimchi. These can be easily made at home with a bit of research, fermenting something takes patience but is all the more exciting when you finally get a taste of what you’ve been waiting for.


Everyone always talks about omega 6 amino acids but omega 3s is not mentioned as much. They must work in balance with one another and you should make sure you have both. What is the difference? Omega 6 is associated with increased inflammation and omega 3 is associated with decreased inflammation, sounds good for acne right? Hormones need fats because progesterone and oestrogen are actually made from cholesterol. Bring those healthy fats in after that breakout; avocado toast, again olive oil, nuts and you can even supplement with Algae oil. Think of it as plumping up the skin with that fatty goodness.


Increase your fibre intake with milled flax seed, just drop a spoon full into your morning porridge, cereal, yoghurt or smoothie. You won’t even taste it but your skin will thank you. The job of fibre is to deplete excess hormones from our body. Help your body do its natural job but having that extra piece of bread at the restaurant, clearing your skin in the meantime.


Add more zinc to your diet with some supplements. Zinc is the most important mineral to aid hair, skin and nails, so why not get that extra little push. No one gets enough of the minerals we need in general so there is no shame in supplementing.

As well as zinc; magnesium, selenium and B12 as also super key to get that skin thriving. Bathe in some magnesium baths salts, have a hand full of Brazil nuts and eat B12 rich foods like tempeh, nutritional yeast, marmite, soy, almond milk, fortified cereals and seaweed.


Do your research. Find what skin type you are, have a google, scour instagram for bloggers, health professionals and articles, join private facebook groups specific to your issues, take an online skin test. Recognise what triggers you or what areas get affected the worst.

Based on what you have found, now is the time to check your products and skin care regime. Check the ingredients, do your current products have an ingredient in them that aid breakouts and acne? I know you spent fifty pound on that high end product that everyone talks about, some are amazing and worth it, but if you are prone to break outs, then you need specific ingredients and formulas. If you’re not seeing change, then this may be one thing you have to change. Try avoid the alcohol and perfumes, every skin type doesn’t need that going on to the skin. Alcohol actually makes the skin produce more sebum which can then block the pores all the way down into the furthest layer of the skin, leading to a breakout.

You want to bask in those good skin days everyday don’t you? Not brace yourself for another breakout as inevitability. The damage can be fixed and cycle can be broken, try these tips every day after a breakout and with a bit of time and patience, you should see a clear up. And you’ll feel amazing knowing you mostly ate your way to clear skin.

Tell that to the doctor!

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